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2. Cyndi Lauper - All Through the Night (from Live...At Last)

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This Site Is Being Re-Constructed and Coming Soon.

Lamone's WebTV Storage Site
Spiritual Guidance, Money Making Opportunities Minneapolis, MN
By: Lamone Victor Jacobs
Hosted Through:

Originally Designed By:
Called and inquired about Re-Activating my Services & My Account on: 06-18-2018
"Essential Hosting Package" Bought: 06-19-2018
Under Construction Page Created & Started: on 06-20-2018
I Have Begun Re-Construction of Original Site Pages on: 06-24-2018
I purchased "Local Business Listings service" on 08-06-2018 for $74.95 a Month through
"Facebook Business Pages" created on 08-21-2018 by
Added "Google AdSense Coding Units" back onto Site on: 08-26-2018
Added "SSL Certificate:" Essential SSL for LAMONESWEBTV.COM Site on: 04-02-2021
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This Domain Is Registered with

                      Please take note:   Hello again, Originally, I first started my services with around November 1, 2010. They created a Front Door Website to my Original Website called: Lamone's WebTV Storage Site which was created around sometime in early April 2003. They created the Website for me for free, but then I had to pay a monthly fee around $75 dollars to $98 dollars a month depending on the special at the time. You can either make a big down payment around $1,000 dollars for a $1,500-dollar Website, but then your monthly payment would be lower around $45 dollars a month or so. I chose the first payment method just because I didn't have a big down payment to give. They built a really nice Website for me which I really liked. Everything went fine at first, but eventually I had problems paying for the site they made for me. I wasn't bringing in any revenue from the Website yet, so things were getting very tight for me. There are a number of things you can do to monetize a website if you own it, but sometimes it can take a while for the revenue to start coming in which I'll talk about later after I've assimilated myself and have re-familiarized myself with everything that was going on. I was doing a lot to try and monetize my Site, allot of which I can't even remember all of them because that was almost 5 - 6 years ago. My Site was taken off the internet for almost 5-6 years, between 2014 thru most of 2018, before I finally began restoring it back in 06-24-2018 with's help. I'll have to go through my e-mails to see all what was being done. Anyway, so I got real depressed and sort of withdrew myself. I stopped returning phone calls and e-mails to when they were trying to call me to see what was going on, just because I was so upset with the whole situation and frustrated. I ended up losing my services with around the middle of September 2012. I was with for almost 2 years, just two months shy of that, before things fell apart and I just couldn’t afford to pay anymore as well as some other bills.

                    There is a Website called: Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Anyway, someone saved several copies of my website, I'm not sure who, but thanks to them there were several saves of my Website as it were back last in Jan. 11, 2013. There were 19 successful saves starting from 9 Dec 2010 - 11 Jan 2013. The last save that was done on June 12, 2013 was not a successful save probably because the site was in the process of being taken down, but the one before that one “was” and all the other ones which was done between December 9, 2010 thru January 11, 2013 was the latest saves that was done back then. I'm using that last successful save as a basis to restore the Website as it were back them when the Site was still active because the Site probably was taken down not to long after that last unsuccessful save. I didn't even realize that these saves were being done until now after re-activating my services with Someone with and others told me what was going on to get me back-up-to speed. The Website saves were saved as: If you type that in the query box, you'll see all the saves that were done. The title of the Site is: Spiritual Guidance, Money Making Opportunities | Minneapolis, MN. The last successful save that was done back in 2013 was done on January 11, 2013, not to long before the site was taken down because I couldn't afford t pay for it anymore.. The last unsuccessful save was done on: June 12, 2013, but the site was in the process of being taken down, so that very last save back then was not successful. Or, you can just click on these links below, and it will take you to the last successful saves that I'm using to restore the websites as they were done back then on January 11, 2013.

Spiritual Guidance, Money Making Opportunities | Minneapolis, MN.

Spiritual Guidance | Minneapolis, MN | Location.

Spiritual Guidance | Minneapolis, MN | Contact Us.

                    Thank You to who ever did these last successful saves back then because I would'nt of had a clue for sure what the websites looked like in detail all the way back then (!!!). I have more info. to write here coming soon (!!!).   Please take note:   This entire Website Database works best with Internet Explorer Browsers. Thank You. L.V.J.

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